Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pictures from Sunday Night

Howdy everyone. Today I am posting some pictures that I took on Sunday night when Krista spent the night. There are a few in there that are from different places, but the majority is from Sunday night. My camera is NOT the best, so that's why our faces look weird in some. Hope you enjoy!
Sisters!!! I LOVE this one! It's our new good picture!!!

"You rock!!!" Hehe!!! I liked that one.

Weird! I was looking at my nose that's why my eyes are weird.

"Super Stars"! What do you think??? Yes, I have a hat collection! ;)

"Riiiiiiiiight!" Krista kept on laughing in this one!!

Peace Out. I liked that one.

No this was not from Sunday, this was actually from a Wednesday in August....before Krista's birthday!!!

This one was from Krista's birthday, I like this one.

"Just Kidding" That one was fun...if you can't see I was laughing underneath my hands!!! Hehe

I LOVE this one. What do you think?

Bunny ears!!!! Hehe I love them!

Cool Dudes! I love this one, too. The sunglasses actually blocked out the flash, so it didn't hurt as much.


Sharon said...

Hey, I like them! Nice pics!
Oh, and I have a new, updated blog button on my blog if you want it! I'll probably be changing and improving it for a while so you might want to check back. :)
Thanks for featuring my blog on yours!

Brooke said...

Thank you! Your welcome, also! I LOVE your blog!!!!