Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Encouraging Song!

Howdy y'all! Before I start I just want y'all to know, I do have pics from mama's birthday, but I don't feel like waiting forever for the pics to upload. I have a cold, so I don't feel as well. I will, however, post a song (lyrics only), that I do love. It is very encouraging, and most of y'all probably know it! The song is "When We See Christ", we sang this song in church on Sunday night, because we had a singing "sermon". The chorus is my favorite part, because it says "one glimpse of His dear face, all sorrow will erase", what that means is whatever has happened in your past, maybe a death or whatever else, once we see His face, we'll forget that! I can't wait for that! Well, here's the song hope y'all enjoy!

(1st verse) "Oft-times the day seems long, our trials hard to bear, we're tempted to complain, to murmur and despair; But Christ will soon appear to catch His bride away, All tears forever over in God's eternal day."

(Chorus) "It will be worth it all when we see Jesus, life's trials will seem so small when we see Christ; one glimpse of His dear face all sorrow will erase, so bravely run the race till we see Christ"

(2nd verse) "Sometimes the sky looks dark with not a ray of light, we're tossed and driven on, no human help in sight; but there is one in Heav'n who knows our deepest care, let Jesus solve your problem- just go to Him in prayer"


(3rd verse) Life's day will soon be o'er, all storms forever past, we'll cross the great divide to Glory, safe at last; we'll share the joys of Heav'n- a harp, a Home, a crown, the tempter* will be banished, we'll lay our burden down."

*tempter-Satan, devil, Lucifer


Katie said...

That is a great song! Thanks for the encouragement!

Brooke said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog! Yes, it is a wonderful song! :)