Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Busy Thursday!!!!

Howdy Y'all! Today was quit busy! For one we had to do PE in the morning, and then school which dragged on until 2:00 I think!!! Mrs. Hallman soon picked me up to take food to one of my dearest friends in the world, Anna. Of course the food was also for her whole family and not just for her! :) While we were visiting with them my parents took Oreo to the vet, if I didn't tell y'all, Oreo is a diabetic. The latest update one him....sugar high, weight still decreasing. Now my parents are at Walmart getting Oreo's medicine. Now Josh and I still have to finish the other class of PE. Josh hurt his knee 2 weeks ago and had to stay off of it, now we're doubling PE up. That is my busy Thursday and I think that about is it. I'll post some new pics soon of me and Anna and then the other one of Me, Anna, Ruth, and Krista. Better go!!!!

P.S. Sorry for the green name thing... I'm experimentig with it, so it's in the process of getting changed. :)

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