Monday, August 24, 2009

My Friends Pictures Part 1

Howdy Y'all! Last night Debbie, Taylor, Maribel, Krista, and I had our pictures taken. There is alot of them, so there are going to be "Parts". Heather and Issy helped us with alot of the poses, and Debbie and I thought up a couple. Thank you Heather, Taylor, and Maribel for taking the pictures! I really like them and I hope y'all like them, too! Today we started school, it's OK...right now! ;) I better go! Enjoy and stay tuned for the other parts!

If you can't see really well on this one, Krista and I are looking at each other, and Taylor and Maribel are looking at each other.
Now it's crisscrossed.

Now, Maribel and I are looking at eachother and krista and Taylor are looking at eachother.

We're all dreaming. Krista and Taylor must be thinking of something funny! ;P

This is a good picture of Debbie...a good school picture.

Best friends. Me, Krista, and Debbie.

I like this one. Here are the names...Maribel, Krista, Taylor, and Yours Truly.

Keep watching for another one like this. ;)

This one is neat! Charity was really being cute near the trees, so we all gathered around her. Here are the names again: Maribel, Debbie, Charity. Taylor, Krista, and Yours Truly.

I'm trying to push over the trees! No I didn't succeed! ;)

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