Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Friends Pictures Part 3

Howdy! Like i said yesterday, today is the last and the goofy ones! :) Before I begin, I would like for everybody to go to my friend Rebekah's blog. She posted some really good videos that i would like for y'all to see. Anyway, back to the pictures. There are quit a few goofy ones so be prepared to have at least a smile.

Debbie. She told me not take the picture just then, that's why her eyebrows are really funny.

Singing. Heather is sitting by Issy and I think Taylor or Maribel are standing by her. I forgot who took the picture. :)

Bunny ears. You can see Heather's shoulder in this picture! :P

Krista playing the piano.

Charity playing her Trumpet.

Maribel "crying"! Just kidding, she was either cleaning her glasses or rubbing her eye.

I don't know why we're laughing! :)

I don't really care for this one.

This one was fun to do. Krista said that that pose hurt.

"We're off to see the wizard". Just kidding, we're off to see the stairs...above pic. I was the only one jumping!!!

Trying to remember what it was! ;P

Now me and Maribel know what it is and are laughing at Krista and Taylor for forgetting! :P I'm just kidding, it was a pose!

Silly pic of Debbie. Maribel had my camera...I'm in the background talking with Krista.

A nice pic of Krista! :P We were waiting to ask her dad if she could stay for a little bit longer...the men of the church went to go get some pews from another church which were giving them away. That's why we stayed so long!

Interesting pic of me. I was waiting for Debbie. ;) And that is the end of all the pictures. Hope you enjoyed!

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