Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Friends Pictures Part 2

Howdy! Here's the second part of the pictures. This Sunday we are PROBABLY going to take a few more. We need help with a couple of poses, so any suggestions would be great! There is going to be another part coming on here either tomorrow or sometime later, so keep watching! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Well here they are!

Here's me and Charity before the picture from the last post around these trees. I like this one!
Trying to push over the trees. Debbie really looks like she is pushing it over! ;) No, we didn't succeed.

I LOVE this one! The names are: Me, Taylor, Maribel, and Krista.

Our train! This one turned out really nice!

I like this one, too. I especially the color of the sky in the back.

This one is OK. The only thing that was tricky about this one, all of us were wearing "slippy" skirts so our hands kept sliding down. :)

Here's the one that looks like the one on the first post. We're all sliding down the rail. Not really! :)

This one is Ok. Maribel(front) looks like a Chinese!! :P

I like this one, too.

We're planes. Hehe... remember this Issy? ;)

I LOVE this one.

This one is nice...I guess! There is going to be one more "part" after this, just another remminder. It is going to be our Goofey pictures!


Sharon said...

Nice pics, Brooke! :) I like them!

Brooke said...

Thanks Sharon! Glad you liked them! :)