Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funny Video!

Hey y'all! Most of you have YouTube don't you? Well, I have watched the Muppet Show before and I LOVE them! I was trying to find one of the songs so I typed in The Muppet Show songs, well as I was scrolling through it I found Beaker singing Ode to Joy. I don't know how to put videos on here so I'm leaving this to you, go on YouTube and type in The Muppet Show Beaker Ode to Joy. Yes it will work! It is me!!!! I'm still a kid, inside andI love it!!!! Watch all of them Beakers (a puppet) especially the top left, he shakes whenever the drum hits! Don't forget to watch all of the Beakers! After that type in The Muppet Show Habanera, it's funny! They both are hilarious(to me), comment and tell me what you think!

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