Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Award

Howdy! I have been awarded a Kreativ Blog Award by my friends Rebekah and Sharon. I couldn't upload the pic, but you can view the pic on Sharon's or Rebekah's blog. It says that I have to write seven things about myself and then to award it to seven other people, so here it goes.

1. I had to wear my braces for 2 1/2 years even though the doctor told me that it was a 1 year treatment.

2. I love cats...of course!

3. My favorite song is from the Victorious Valley and is The Flower.

4. My favorite book is "Where the Wild Rose Blooms" from Lori Wick.

5. My favorite author is Janette Oke.

6. I get headaches fast especially from nail polish or raid.

7. I collect porcelain dolls.

Now I have to award it to seven people, so here it goes.

1. Issy at Happenings at the Stricklands
2. Sharon at My Delightful Diary
3. Lakota at Horse Talk
4. Hannah at Striving to Encourage
5. Rebekah at Living Joyfully in The Lord
6. Katie at Striving to Be a Godly Woman
7. Jocelyn at Looking Unto Jesus
Thank you Rebekah and Sharon!!!

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