Friday, July 31, 2009

More Pics!

Ok let me explain myself! Sunday after church in Greenville, we came back to the house. Dad told us to get packed and dressed. After that all four of us went to go see dad's old friend, mom stayed to do laundry. The guys got talkin' and dad's friend told them that he was going to shoot some skeet(clay pigeons). So the guys had to come back to the house to get Nathan's gun. I stayed with mom because I really didn't want to shoot Nathan's gun 'cause it looks like it would hurt(12 gage shotgun). I saw that dad didn't take the camera and there was nothing else to do, so I took it upstairs and then did I realize that it needed new batteries so I swapped some batteries with my Grandma...of course I swapped them back afterwards! I was playing around with some settings so I finally figured it out...dark and bright, black and white, sepia, and color. I found the timer and I got my pictures done!!!! As my friend Krista said..."Don't leave you with a camera!" ;) Please tell me if they turned out good or if they stink! I need some constructive criticism! Hope y'all do (though) like them! I really want to learn more so any hints would be good!
I kinda like this one... I found the chair up there and wanted to use it!

I don't know about this one, the other one I put one leg underneath the other. This one I didn't that's why my skirt looks so straight!

I like these poses! I don't know about the Sepia, you tell me!

I like this one, too. You can see the color of my outfit. I didn't take alot of pictures of me because it just took alot of storage! We have a memory card, but I just didn't want to take alot of pictures.

Black and white...of course!

This picture I like because it makes the room look really dark which it wasn't. I played with the settings!

Now you can see how light it was! How did they turn out???


Sharon said...

Nice pics! Did you set it on timer or did you have someone else take them for you? The only thing that wasn't so great was the background (in my opinion) but other than that they're good! You should try some pics outside!
(Oh BTW, on your poll I voted that I have reading glasses, which I need, but I don't have them quite yet. There wasn't an "I need reading glasses but don't have them yet" option, which is OK, but I just wanted to let you know that!)

Brooke said...

Thanks. Yes, I did have timer on mom and I were the only ones at home, Grandma was at her play. The background was our bedroom and I know it wasn't so great! I really didn't want to go outside.
I didn't think to put I need reading glassess, etc. I can't change it now, because that's how the blog people made it, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I like your poses. Personally, I like black & white, but don't care so much for sepia. I like figuring out functions on our camera too. It's a lot of fun.

Brooke said...

Yeah, I like the black and white pics, too. I really bidn't care for the Sepia one either, I just wanted to see what it was like.