Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sea World, Church, Trampoline, Swimming, and Relatives!!!!

Howdy! I had a really fun weekend I hope y'all did, too! Well, to start things off lets begin at Saturday, we went to Sea World and had LOTS of fun, I did NOT ride any of the roller coasters because I am terrified of heights! Well, we got in late on Saturday and woke up early on Sunday, so we could go to church. Sunday night I went early with my best friends family because I play for the children's choir. In case y'all are wondering, I play "Ask and Seek and Knock" I LOVE the chorus now that I know how to play it! ;) Then on Sunday night after church, I spent the night with my best friend(yes the same one I went to church early with). We had alot of fun! We jumped on her trampoline alot of times and had fun! We did lots of flips! Then on Monday we went outside to jump some more and we got really hot! They called a friend of theirs that have a in-ground pool about 6 feet. We went swimming and it felt really good! We did front flips into the pool, then we did some cannon ball flips, and regular cannon balls, then did some back breakers! We finally left there about 4:00 because I had to go home and meet some relatives. They were alot of fun. I hope y'all had fun this weekend! Have a GREAT week!


Hannah said...

I did see your answers, I guess I forgot to tell you that. Actually we live in Mi, but we want to go up to Mackinac this summer. We've been there a lot, but its always fun! What part of Mi do you visit?

Brooke said...

Actually we visit two places. My grandparents live there, so we visit Scottville which is near Ludington(near Lake Michigan) and Big Rapids. We have visited Macinac, Silver Lake, and lots of other places!!!! ;)

Hannah said...

We are near Grand Rapids. But like 30 minutes north and 20 minutes east. Maybe(That a BIG maybe), we could meet sometime! :P