Monday, June 22, 2009

My Photography Part 3

Hey! Here it is... the last part. This aren't really the type of "professional" it's just goofing around! Most of these pics of "My Photography" are from spending the night at Hannah's, so hope y'all liked them!

Hannah with her cats, Socks is the grey one and Yesoya is the grey tabby.

Me with Yesoya and the Strickland's horse...Wyoming. She's not trained yet, but when she is maybe... I'll go riding!!!!!!!!!!! Right Issy?

Hannah taking a pan of cookies out of the oven. We made cookies and it sure went fast!! Hannah and I are cookie monsters!!!!!!

Charity! I love this pic. The camera shot is great, it makes everything in the background look dark!

All the buddys. My dad and Hannah were the first "Buddys" then Charity was born, so there was the other "buddy".


Hannah said...

She(Charity) gets cuter every time! A friend of ours had a baby in April, and her name is Charity! She is SOO cute, just beginning to smile! :P I will try to e-mail you soon!

Brooke said...

Yeah, I think Charity is a popular name! Charity's friend is Charity! Yes, Charity is cute!