Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Fun Pics!

Howdy! I've been torturing Krista by bringing the camera almost every Wednesday. I want to get the perfect picture of her and me. We had lots of fun with it last night, we had our background as the outdoors. Our "photographers" were Sarah and Becky. Krista HATES her picture done, so I like to get a picture of her without her knowing, so that's what the second picture is about! Hope y'all like my pics!

The good picture! I think this my favorite... again!;)

Krista laughing at me, she was scared by the flash! :p

Me and Debbie. We were up on the porch and Becky was at the bottom, that's why we are up a little.

Holding in a laugh...what's new? ;)

Krista and Benny! Benny's the youngest and the cutest! :)

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