Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Graduation Pics! ;)

Here they are! If you don't know already, Nathan just graduated from Pensacola Christian Academy. We took a trip to Pensacola, Florida, for him to graduate with the other homeschoolers. He met two of his Facebook friends there, Shane Ables and Kensley Rush. We met alot of our favorite teachers and I met a friend while iceskating. Hope you enjoy these pics. So sorry it took soooo long!

Father and Son! Dad looked really nice in his Dress Blues.

The Kids! The water fountain was in front of the Sports Center.

Mother and Son! Mom was also our teacher! ;)

Nathan and his friends. Left to right: Nathan, Kensley, and Shane.

The Family. It was really HOT that day, and I was wearing a black skirt! I was sooooooooo happy to change into my regular clothes. After we changed, we went to the Sports Center. I know that I had alot of fun there!


Hannah said...

How neat! We are LORDwilling going to do A Beka DVD's sometime for highschool. We just do a graduation at church though. We get to pick our own colors. I am still trying to decide. I'm thinking sky blue, and light green, or navy blue and red/burgondy. Well, I have a couple years to decide!
Oh yeah, you've got some good protection! :P

Brooke said...

I think blue is nice, but I probably will be going to Pensacola for graduation(hopefully)! Yeah, I really like my protection, too. You'll be going into 9th right?

Hannah said...

Yes, I am going into 9th grade.

Brooke said...

Cool! Same here! I think y'all will like the ABeka curriculem. Mr. McBride(Pic of me and him on the side) is the best teacher!

Hannah said...

I do like the ABeka curriculem. We have used it for 2 years now I think, and it is better than any other ones we've tried(and we have tried a LOT! Bob Jones, Landmard, odd and end stuff!), Lordwilling we will start with the DVD's sometime in High School(probably 10th grade.)