Tuesday, June 30, 2009

76 Degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

I can hardly believe it! It is below the 100s and 90s!!!!!! I love the weather today! When I went outside today, I couldn't believe it and then later on I could smell rain, so that's probably why!!!I just hope that next month when we go to Michigan, that it will be this cool up there, which it usually is! But I want it to be hot at least one day, that way we can go swimming in Lake Michigan. I have almost seen all the lakes up there, let me see... Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and that's all! I haven't seen Lake Ontario or Lake Erie! Well, I better get off. I don't want to spoil today! Thank the Lord for cool temperatures! Have a great day y'all!


Sharon said...

Glad it's nice and cool there! Wahoo!

Hannah said...

It is pretty nice up here, but it is rainy too!

Brooke said...

Wow! it just rained and boy does it smell good! I LOVE the smell of rain! Yeah, Michigan is usually nice, Hannah, so it doesn't surprise me that it's nice up there! ;)