Tuesday, June 30, 2009

76 Degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

I can hardly believe it! It is below the 100s and 90s!!!!!! I love the weather today! When I went outside today, I couldn't believe it and then later on I could smell rain, so that's probably why!!!I just hope that next month when we go to Michigan, that it will be this cool up there, which it usually is! But I want it to be hot at least one day, that way we can go swimming in Lake Michigan. I have almost seen all the lakes up there, let me see... Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and that's all! I haven't seen Lake Ontario or Lake Erie! Well, I better get off. I don't want to spoil today! Thank the Lord for cool temperatures! Have a great day y'all!

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Favorite Pics!!!!!!!!! ;)

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I am posting some of my favorite pictures! I hope y'all like them just as much as I do! The first pic is my "baby". Let me explain... Shadow loves water, but he got it all over himself! I had play baby clothes, so I dressed him up, just to let you know, he loves pink! ;) I don't like it however! I love him sooooo much, but he ran away! :(

Shadow! ;)

Us Kids.

Me and Lucy at her wedding.

Good News Club. This is NOT my school, this is Nathan's. We usually have a few minutes left so we do something to entertain the kids, so Nathan did pushups! ;)

Nathan's graduation pic. That's all the seniors who graduated which was 300 something! Nathan is at the way top all the way to the left.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shooting Pics! ;)

Howdy! The Saturday before Father's Day, the guys had a prayer breakfast and then a father/son activity. While the guys had fun, the girls had fun. We all went swimming at a friend's house and had a fun time. Mom and I had to go pick up the guys since they left the van and the truck was broke. When we got there, Dad asked if I'd like to shoot the .357 and of course I said...YES!!!!! The first pic is Nathan showing me how to shoot the gun. Note: the .357 is a pistol and has a medium kick. The first time I shot it it scared me! My hands were shaking soooooo bad! I still love that gun, I think it's my favorite now! My first favorite was the .22, but now I like this one!

Nathan showing me how to shoot it. Mr. Strickland's thumb got in the way, but it still turned out pretty good!

My mom shooting the .357! I still want to shoot my dad's .380!

My dad right after he shot it. Isn't that cool? This pic Mom and I weren't there... we were still swimming! ;)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Fun Pics!

Howdy! I've been torturing Krista by bringing the camera almost every Wednesday. I want to get the perfect picture of her and me. We had lots of fun with it last night, we had our background as the outdoors. Our "photographers" were Sarah and Becky. Krista HATES her picture done, so I like to get a picture of her without her knowing, so that's what the second picture is about! Hope y'all like my pics!

The good picture! I think this my favorite... again!;)

Krista laughing at me, she was scared by the flash! :p

Me and Debbie. We were up on the porch and Becky was at the bottom, that's why we are up a little.

Holding in a laugh...what's new? ;)

Krista and Benny! Benny's the youngest and the cutest! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Graduation Pics! ;)

Here they are! If you don't know already, Nathan just graduated from Pensacola Christian Academy. We took a trip to Pensacola, Florida, for him to graduate with the other homeschoolers. He met two of his Facebook friends there, Shane Ables and Kensley Rush. We met alot of our favorite teachers and I met a friend while iceskating. Hope you enjoy these pics. So sorry it took soooo long!

Father and Son! Dad looked really nice in his Dress Blues.

The Kids! The water fountain was in front of the Sports Center.

Mother and Son! Mom was also our teacher! ;)

Nathan and his friends. Left to right: Nathan, Kensley, and Shane.

The Family. It was really HOT that day, and I was wearing a black skirt! I was sooooooooo happy to change into my regular clothes. After we changed, we went to the Sports Center. I know that I had alot of fun there!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cleaning, Cleaning, and more Cleaning!

Oh Boy! I don't think I've done this much cleaning in my whole life! ;) Let me see... it started by trying to find something and I had NO idea were it was. So I turned my room upside down! I finally found it, but then I wanted to earn money this summer. Then I offered to do Nathan's chore for him, which is our Large living room (Not carpeted)! We do our floors without a mop, so it hurts your knees! I still have to go through my sweaters, so I can get rid of some of them! I am getting sick of cleaning! ;) But it sure feels good to have a clean room! Better go finish my room!;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Photography Part 3

Hey! Here it is... the last part. This aren't really the type of "professional" it's just goofing around! Most of these pics of "My Photography" are from spending the night at Hannah's, so hope y'all liked them!

Hannah with her cats, Socks is the grey one and Yesoya is the grey tabby.

Me with Yesoya and the Strickland's horse...Wyoming. She's not trained yet, but when she is maybe... I'll go riding!!!!!!!!!!! Right Issy?

Hannah taking a pan of cookies out of the oven. We made cookies and it sure went fast!! Hannah and I are cookie monsters!!!!!!

Charity! I love this pic. The camera shot is great, it makes everything in the background look dark!

All the buddys. My dad and Hannah were the first "Buddys" then Charity was born, so there was the other "buddy".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers! I am thankful for the most wonderful dad in the world(even though some of you may disagree). I am thankful that the Lord gave us a wonderful father that loves us. Many children these days have separated parents, they go through holidays between mom and dad. I am thankful for my parents that love each other and aren't divorced or separated! I just wanted everyone to know that I have a WONDERFUL father!!!!!!! Yes, I am a BIG Daddy's Girl! I think I have one more part of "My Photography", which I might post tomorrow, I don't know! ;) Have a WONDERFUL week and enjoy God's wondrous creation, which He gave us!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Photography 2

Howdy again! Here's my second part of "My Photography" we don't travel alot around the world, but when we do, Dad usually takes the pics! When we go to Michigan next month, I'll try to keep you updated. So here it is...the second part! Again Charity and Hannah are the sisters, I'm just a friend! Enjoy!

Charity is sooooooooooooo cute! I love this pose!

Hannah did this pose by herself, and I say that she did a good job! It looks really nice!

Sisters Forever! I like this one, too! I like how Hannah turns her head slightly and Charity getting up slightly. ;)

OK...I guess! ;) I guess it's a good pic of me and Charity!

This one!!!!!!! I love Charity's expression! We were lying down for this one!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Photography 1

Hey! This is the first part of "My Photography" so please tell me what you think about my attempt of being a proffesional. Note: My camera is not a proffesional type! I did the poses and alot of the pictures. The ones of me (very few :p) Hannah took. Most of the pics are of Charity(my baby girl). Just to let you know again: Charity is NOT my sister, though I wish!

Charity doing her "wink"... I taught her that when she was a baby!

Yours Truly, Charity, and Hannah. Hannah and I Took this picture together. She held one end with the button and I held the other end.

Getting ready to go to bed. Charity got to sleep with us that night and boy was she excited!!

I think this is my favorite. Charity actually didn't smile, but you can see a smile creeping on Hannah's face! Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures Of Krista and Me!!!!

Howdy! Last night after church, Krista and I tried to pose for a good picture! The third picture is my favorite. I took my Samsung camera, which is sort of like my "Toy". Krista said something to the fact that I was a "Camera addict" which I am!!!! ;) I LOVE takin' pics! Last night we had the "world famous photographer" Hannah. Hannah, Krista, and I have been friends for as long as I can remember.

I took this pic. That's Isaiah which is the second to the youngest. Ben's the youngest.

Our photographer... Hannah.

The good pic. I LOVE this one!!!!!!!!!!!

This was very hard to get, I was holdin' in a laugh. I think this was our 5th try. The first few times, Krista couldn't stop laughing, then I couldn't stop laughing! I LOVE trying to get pictures done with her! It's soooooooo fun!!! ;)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Aren't friends great? I probably told you this before, but friends are almost part of the family! Krista and I have been friends for as long as I can remember! Before when we went to school together, we had a blast especially with our other friends like Savannah, Christianna, Lindsey, and lots more! Back then there wasn't a day we didn't see eachother, but now that we're homeschooled we see eachother about two to three times a week. If we're luky we can see eachother more by spending the night or a field trip! I love my friends alot. Krista is just a year younger than me, so she is sort of like my younger sister or twin!!! We have ALOT in common. I think friends are great and the third best thing that ever happened to me! The first would be the Lord, second family, of course!! I hope y'all have a great week and don't forget about your friends. ;) Bye!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sea World, Church, Trampoline, Swimming, and Relatives!!!!

Howdy! I had a really fun weekend I hope y'all did, too! Well, to start things off lets begin at Saturday, we went to Sea World and had LOTS of fun, I did NOT ride any of the roller coasters because I am terrified of heights! Well, we got in late on Saturday and woke up early on Sunday, so we could go to church. Sunday night I went early with my best friends family because I play for the children's choir. In case y'all are wondering, I play "Ask and Seek and Knock" I LOVE the chorus now that I know how to play it! ;) Then on Sunday night after church, I spent the night with my best friend(yes the same one I went to church early with). We had alot of fun! We jumped on her trampoline alot of times and had fun! We did lots of flips! Then on Monday we went outside to jump some more and we got really hot! They called a friend of theirs that have a in-ground pool about 6 feet. We went swimming and it felt really good! We did front flips into the pool, then we did some cannon ball flips, and regular cannon balls, then did some back breakers! We finally left there about 4:00 because I had to go home and meet some relatives. They were alot of fun. I hope y'all had fun this weekend! Have a GREAT week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ever Had A Sore Foot?

As the question says... ever had a sore foot? Well, I have! It started on the 1st of the month to be really sore. It was sore before that, but not like this! My left foot hurts really bad it hurts worse than the right foot. My ankle is swollen on my right and my left is a little puffy. It hurts really bad, I just hope and pray that it will heal soon. I can barely run with my feet like this! Oh... I am also very sorry for not writing in a while, my dad had a few days off so, we had a couple of "lazy days" which we call them! ;) Hope y'all had a good week! Bye y'all!