Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Video Teachers!!!!

Here they are!!!!!! Ok, we do the ABeka cuuriculem, which I have said, and we do the videos. So the teachers which some of them are awesome teachers, are sort of like celebrities(especially Mr. McBride!). So a few hours before graduation we had a luncheon and we met all the teachers(except Mrs. Schmuck who is the BEST English teacher) which was really awesome. So hope y'all enjoy them!!!

Me with the BEST History teacher, Mr.McBride!!!

Me with the 11th grade English teacher, Mrs. Thompson.

Here I'm with two of my 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Yohe and Mrs. Bere.

Me, Mrs. Bere, and Mom. My mom taught Kindergarten which Mrs. Bere taught on video.

Me and my FAVORITE 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Yohe.

This is Miss Armstrong and me. Miss Armstrong taught Family Consumer Science which my brothers took. Family Consumer Science is a course which teaches you how to cook.

Me and the 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Achuff. I never had her, but Krista's younger sister had her.

Me and Miss Stancel. Miss Stancel taught 7th grade Science.

Me and the teacher who taught Spanish, Mrs. McLamb.

Me and the BEST Bible teacher, Dr. Redlin. He just got his doctorate a few months ago.

Me and the BEST Math teacher, Mrs. Howe. OK so this picture I'm not all dressed up, well that's because I got this picture during our tour of Pensacola Christian Academy.


HopefullyThisWorks,,,, said...

YAY! I LOVE A beka video teachers :D! I miss them so :(. College is a whole different ball game,eh? I do so love Mr. & Mrs. Howe,Mr & Mrs. Ashworth, Mrs. Sanders,Mrs. Hicks,Mr. Duby, Mrs. Ese,Mrs. Rhodes,Ms. Stancel,Mrs. Bere,Mrs. Schmuck,Mrs. Yohe, and Mrs. Pereira! Whew that was quite a long breath XD! I love 'em all dearly :). Now I need to meet them all in person to thank them for a wonderful schooling experience. I'm in college now and I still reminisce about the olden days ;)! Thanks for the pics!

<33 in Christ,
Nate` Piliu =)!

Anonymous said...

wow...i luv my video teachers... thanx for the pictures!