Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

It's Memorial Day and the church had a picnic at the park in Copperas Cove. I think this has been the funniest Memorial Day ever!!! Lucy and Jenna(two ladys from the church) have two sons, Lucy wanted to get pictures of those two. Well, Mason(Lucy's son, she also has a daughter, Cheyenne) had a basketball, but to get Ethan's(Jenna's baby) attention for the picture of him, Lucy gave him the ball. Ethan loved to throw it, but one time he threw it, it went right into the creek! Now, to make the story short I tried to get it, and on one of the many attempts I finally reached it, but the branch I was standing on, well... it kinda SNAPPED!!! And guess were I went? Into the creek!!! I was soaked(but it sure felt good)!!! Mrs. Strickland took a picture of me so if I could get it from Issy I'll try to post it. But the good thing is, my dad took me home and I got into dry clothes. Then later on in the day some people played kickball. I loved it, I haven't played kickball since 4th grade!!! The one thing that made it more fun was that I got to play BAREFOOTED!!!!!! My tenneshoes were soaked, so I wore my flip flops. It was really hot, which made me want to jump into the creek again!!!!!!! I had lots of fun today!! The only thing that didn't make any fun was, when I fell into the creek, I scraped my leg. I better go! Stay tuned for the professional pics of my family. Bye!!

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