Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Pics

Howdy again! Today I am posting some pictures of the family. Nathan just graduated at Pensacola, Florida. We do the ABeka curriculum which is from Pensacola. We even got to meet some teachers!! My dad did take some pictures of us kids and the teachers and I'll post them later so keep checking back!! PCA is the academy that we have been learning from for so long, so it was quite exciting to see the academy. Hope you enjoy!

Us at the PCC sign.
We had the privilege of meeting the PRESIDENT of PCA Dr. Arlin Horton!!!

My parents @ the water fountain which is in front of the sports center. Behind them is Crowne Centre which we went to church on Sunday the 10th.

We even got to get our picture @ the sign of PCA!

This was inside of the building. We are so used to seeing teachers there at the desk!!!

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